Sixty-seven participants representing 23 institutions from Europe, Asia and the U.S., as well as vendors and the U.S. presidential Office of Science and Technology Policy, attended this momentous event.

2014 Participants

Lembit Sihver Ph.D., Professor of Nuclear Chemistry and Head, Nuclear Science and Engineering Research Group

Roberto Orecchia M.D., Chairman, Department of Radiotherapy

Thomas Kroc Ph.D., Applications Physicist & Director, Neutron Therapy Facility

Marco Durante Ph.D., Director, Biophysics Department and Professor, Technical University of Dramstadt; Christian Graeff Ph.D., Head of Medical Physics, Department of Biophysics

Takashi Nakano M.D.,Ph.D., Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology

Thomas Delaney M.D., Andres Soriano Professor of Radiation Oncology, HMS; Medical Director, Francis Burr Proton Therapy Center; Kathryn Held Ph.D.,Associate Professor/Associate Radiation Biology, Department of Radiation Oncology; Harald Paganetti Ph.D., Professor and Director of Physics Research, Department of Radiation Oncology

Oliver Jakel Ph.D., Professor of Radiation Oncology and Department Head, Medical Physics

Sang Hoon Nam Ph.D., Director General, Korea Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator Project

Eleanor Blakely Ph.D., Senior Staff Biophysicist

Reinhard Schulte M.D., Associate Professor, Division of Physiology, School of Medicine

Radhe Mohan Ph.D., Professor, Department of Radiation Physics, Division of Radiation Oncology

Marco Pullia M.D., Director, Research Center for Charged Particle Therapy; Silvia Molinelli MS, Medical Physicist; Sandro Rossi, MS, General Manager and Technical Director

Koji Noda Ph.D., Director, Department of Accelerator and Medical Physics; Hirohiko Tsujii, M.D. Ph.D., Fellow Emeritus, Japan National Institute of Radiological Sciences and Former Director, NIRS; Tadashi Kamada, M.D., Ph.D., Director Research Center for Charged Particle Therapy National Institute of Radiological Sciences

Tof Carim Ph.D., Science Division's Assistant Director, Research Infrastructure

Richard Wilkins Ph.D., Professor and Director, NASA Center for Radiation Engineering & Science for Space Exploration

Marco Schwarz Ph.D., Head of Medical Physics

Quynh-Thu Le M.D., Katherine Dexter McCormick & Stanley McCormick Memorial Professor of Radiation Oncology

Frank Cucinotta Ph.D., Professor of Health Physics & Diagnostic Sciences

Michael Deveau Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Small Animal Clinical Sciences; Steve Guetersloh Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering

Mack Roach M.D., Professor and Chairman, Department of Radiation Oncology & Professor of Urology

Hak Choy M.D., Professor and Department Chair; Robert Timmerman M.D., Professor and Medical Director; Michael Story Ph.D., Professor and Division Director, Molecular Radiation Biology; Steve Jiang Ph.D., Professor and Division Chief, Medical Physics and Engineering; Claire Almanza, Director of Radiation Oncology; David Pistenmaa M.D. Ph.D., Professor; Arnold Pompos Ph.D., Assistant Professor; David Chen Ph.D., Professor; Benjamin Chen Ph.D., Associate Professor; Mike Folkert M.D. Ph.D., Associate Professor; Raquibul Hannan M.D. Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Puneeth Iyengar M.D. Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Research; Xun Jia Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Weiguo Lu Ph.D., Associate Professor; Jeffrey Meyer M.D., Assistant Professor; Debabrata Saha Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Amit Sawant Ph.D., Assistant Professor; David Schwartz M.D., Associate Professor; David Sher M.D. MPH, Associate Professor; Jing Wang Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Ming Yang Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Asaithamby Aroumougame Ph.D., Senior Staff Biophysicist

Frank Ebskamp, CEO; Lars Kruse, VP Design & Projects

Ken Umei, General Manager, PBT, Tarrytown, NY; Hiroshi Akiyama, Ph.D.

Kiyokazu Sato, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Keihin Product Operations; Takashi Yazawa, Ph.D., Chief Specialist, Particle Radiotherapy Business Development Department

Hisashi Harada, Ph.D. Chief Engineer; Norihiko Abe Project Manager & Engineer; Yoji Takagi Manager, Overseas Medical Systems Marketing; Dennis Falkenstein President, iOnTrends Inc. (consulting for Mitsubishi Electric); Ryuta “Ray” Taniguchi Particle Therapy Systems Marketing Support Manager; Masayuki “Martin” Kato Particle Therapy Systems Engineer; Ben Steiner Business Development Manager

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